October 2011

Libya Research

Alexander Hagen talks about the disinformation regarding Libya on his excellent YouTube channel. His channel is called ‘Radio Free SF Libya Research‘ and is well worth visiting. I think that when your country bombs people in other countries it is an obligation to get the full why, where, who, when, what and how.

I think when your country despoils another country, endorses the murder of one of its leaders and leaves children killed and maimed it’s time to be angry so I’m also posting the following from Alex Jones who articulates this anger. There are times when no being angry, not appearing even concerned just seems insane.


We can fight or flee in the moment, feel fear or regret in the moment without fighting, fleeing, fearing or regretting the moment itself.

Each moment has a particular energy, wholeness and suchness that we can be sensitive to. Haiku poems try to capture that suchness:

gathering twigs
then crossing the bridge
in the evening mist



Download: Ryokan’s Haiku Poems

Deadly Sins?

Moral/metaphysical imbalance can be destructive in the same way that physical imbalance can be destructive. The ‘sins’ can be seen as moral poisons. This should not be seen as any sort of absolute such as ‘sickness’ means you have been bad or ‘if you get ill it’s your own fault for being wicked or negative’. Good people get ill and some ‘wicked’ people live long and prosper. Maybe everyone has a particular moral ecology or moral sensitivity just as they have different physical sensitivities such as more or less tolerance for alcohol.