December 2011

US Global Policy

Sounds like a pretty authoritative analysis of US global policy since 1945. I’m referring to this because Chomsky has been the most respected American dissident for decades. He gives the ‘what’ of US Global Policy. The following videos by John Perkins give the ‘how’:



Christmas Sermon

Christmas is a celebration that brings together materialism and spirituality. It is Pagan, Christian and Secular in perhaps equal measure. It’s central figure, Jesus is recognised as the Messiah of Christianity and as a prophet of Islam, Many Hindus consider him to be an avatar while Buddhists recognised him as a Buddha. As much as some of us may bemoan the materialism of the season it does after all signify the intersection of the spiritual with the material, of the mysterious with the mundane and the paradox of celebration in the midst of poverty and danger. That’s my sermon and here’s one from Bishop Spong.


And now for something completely different … let me share this irreverent but affectionate picture of Jesus:



Happy Christmas.

Ron Paul is not a Zombie

I don’t support Ron Paul per se; however the fact that his stance is markedly different to that of the other Republican candidates is worth noting if only to highlight the contrast. I agree that Ron Paul is mistaken and obsessive in some of his stances but I would take into account the assessments made by Kucinich, Nader and McKinney in allying with Paul where they have common ground. Obama and his supposed opponents are essentially spewing the same nauseating and frightening nonsense:



It’s not that I’m fond of Paul, (I think he needs to be challenged hard on his ideas regarding ‘states rights’ and other issues where those who hold power can act to the detriment of the right of individuals to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness unless honest central government enforces those rights.) it’s just that in comparison to that bunch of idiots he’s a genius.

This Ron Paul vs. Michele Bachmann vid really makes the point …only one of these people would pass the Turing Test:



You see, it’s not so much that I like Ron Paul though I do respect him … it’s more that I much prefer him to killer robot zombies.

Notes on Gaddafi and Libya

The Libya situation is worth looking at on several accounts. The enigmatic personality of Muammar Gaddafi intrigues me … maybe the way that he has been perceived is even more intriguing; Gaddafi is seen variously as monstrous, mythic and comedic. The nature of his death inevitably enhances his legend. Gaddafi’s legend shares something of the quality of Kennedy’s.

Muammar Gaddafi – Wikipedia.