New Year Notes 2012

So one year sneaks into another. On January 1st exactly fifty years ago I arrived in Britain and watched the heavy snowfall with the unencumbered wonder of an eight year old. Today it is very grey, and I am greying where I am not balding and rain beats on rain, and though I am optimistic about a new year I feel a little soggy.

Google has put together a montage of clips to represent 2011:



I would have chosen some other images to signify 2011 .. including the video of the death of Gaddafi. But still some poignant images.

2012 will, I think, be different, for me and the world, the end of a cycle in more ways that one. Stuart Wilde wrote the prediction below about 2007. Maybe it applies to 2012 more than to 2007, maybe it applies to every year:

We are at the Final Cusp and history will say that 2007 was the year the world changed forever. We are in an Armageddon and while it may be a fight between Judeo-Christian psychopaths and Moslem ones in its outer manifestation; internally it is more the Armageddon of your soul. Will your silent darkness carry you to the digital hell worlds, or will you wake up and save yourself and go to the light?

Let’s pop over to the Last Chance saloon and have a drink and discuss it.

The dark is very sneaky and it can con you into thinking you are spiritual because you go to church, or because have a diaper on ya head and you do yoga at four a.m. But all that is a trick so you never see the dark inside you and uncover it. Your shadow is the CIA of your mind, it controls without you being aware of it. You have to work on it now or it will close around and never let you out.

Maybe. Anyway, one song feels appropriate for the new year: