September 2012

Barbados Day 13 – The Burgulary

The Barbados trip has been really good until last night when the villa was burgled. Sandy and I were in the room normally used by Dane and Lisa and sleeping with Xavier since Dane was unwell. Essentially what happened was that the padlock on the grill leading out to the balcony was picked and an intruder go in picking up Dane’s wallet from near where I was sleeping and Anita’s handbag from the living room. This despite ten adults and Xavier being in the house. Anita and Dane phoned to have their lost cards and phones blocked but Dane had also lost a biometric card that identifies him as having some residency rights in the UK as he is an Antiguan citizen. This means that he had to go through some hoops to fly back with us. All passports were safe and we will be leaving on Friday evening to arrive back at Gatwick early Saturday morning; I expect to be home around midday.

Barbados Day 11 – Xavier’s Birthday and Some Beach Running

We celebrated Xavier’s birthday today by going to ‘The Boatyard’, an on the beach bar and restaurant. I spent a lot of the time running around with Xavier, which was cool, as I didn’t want to go into the sea. I was pretty much exhausted after some morning exercise:

Today was a repeat of my beach running. A mile followed by meditation under a tree and then the same two more times. This time after rinsing the sand off I sat on the porch and did a bit more meditation and three rounds of surya namaskara. Exhausting but I enjoyed it and it should go a good way to countering some of the indulgences of the holiday.

Indulged in two cocktails at the bar.

Blending yoga and meditation with my running regime felt right. While I won’t claim that the holiday has advanced my physical training I think I have maintained whatever level of fitness I had. I will continue to integrate yoga/meditation with my running and my life.

Barbados Day 10 – Wet Sunday

7:05pm Sunday 23rd in Barbados. It’s been raining most of the day and very heavily. I went for a short run this morning from our villa to Oistins and got caught in a downpour on the way back. The previous two days had been very active. On Friday I enjoyed a good session running and meditating on the beach. I posted the following to the Daily Mile website:

It’s hot and too near midday to be running but the tide’s out and I don’t want to miss a whole week’s practice. It takes me about three minutes to run from one end of the beach to another. If I were running on the road the same distance might take two minutes at an easy pace; that would make the distance about one-sixth of a mile. I run up and down the beach six times and then I sit under a tree and do za-zen meditation, being aware of my breathing. I run another six stretches and then sit and do tratak meditation, staring at the horizon, the line where the sea meets the sky. As three is obviously a magical number I run a last six stretches or three laps then sit again and do antar mouna meditation, being aware of my senses and then the flow of my thoughts. I’m exhausted but in a good way. A total of about 3 miles.

In the evening the family and friends went down to Oistins to have a drink with Orin. Sandy and I returned early to look after Xavier who did not sleep well. The next day we celebrated Orin’s birthday but under a bit of a cloud as Xavier had to go to the hospital where he was diagnosed as having an ear and nose infection and given antibiotics a treatment for his asthma. Because of the rain we stayed in all day today. Xavier is still unwell.

Barbados Day 5 Video

I had some trouble getting this online. Loaded it up to YouTube and tried to link to it from Facebook but that wasn’t working well so I’m taking a screenshot and posting that to FB with a link to this post.

Day 5 was Tuesday. We took a catamaran, ‘Cool Runnings III’ from Bridgetown. The boat made two snorkling stops; it was my first time snorkling as well as my first time on a catamaran. A lot of firsts for me really as this is my first time in Barbados. Perhaps the most memorable moment for me was watching the flying fish on the way back to port.