September 2013

Education and Technology

Edudemic is an interesting looking site – ‘connecting education and technology’ as its subtitle says. Interesting for me because these are my twin creative/professional interests.

I found the link on a post by Adelina Silva on her site which is also about education and technology.

Statins: The Greatest Medical Fraud?

I have been hearing negative things about statins for a long time. I gave up taking them about five years ago. I also gave up taking blood pressure tablets a year or so later. I not going to say that my rationale for going off medication was based on research or any deep knowledge of hypertension or high cholesterol but I believe that lifestyle choices can have a more profound effect on health than medication which, I also believe, have harmful effects that doctors try to counter with more medication. While I have not made the lifestyle choices that I should have made I think that my decision to go off the medication was still the right one.

An article on Waking Times cites what looks like a major report on a number of studies on the effects of statins. The report says that:

“The statin industry, with all of its spin-off(s), is a 20-billion-a-year industry. We are observing the revealing of the utmost medical tragedy of all times. It is unprecedented that the healthcare industry has inadvertently induced life-threatening nutrient deficiency in millions of otherwise healthy people.[1]”

The article is well worth reading. Because the medical profession is perceived as competent and as generally good a great deal of good its pronouncements and recommendations are accepted uncritically by most of us even when we are presented with strong evidence that those pronouncements and recommendations are wrong.

I’ve uploaded the cited article here: The Ugly Side of Statins. Systemic Appraisal of the Contemporary Un-Known Unknowns*

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Banning the Veil


I wrote the following in response to a couple of online articles, here and here, about banning the veil:

The burka and niqab change the nature of social interactions and are expressions of a philosophy or mindset that is antithetical to individual freedom and social cohesion. The face mask is anti human and anti community. It is not a part of Islam but is a cultural phenomenon that expresses values similar to thosethat drive female genital mutilation. Islam asks only for modesty and the hijab is an honourable and sufficient expression of devotion. Fully covering the face and body in public should be considered as unacceptable as fully uncovering the body and both of these extremes are ‘immodest’ if modesty is defined as a ‘disinclination to call attention to oneself’.

We either want a society based on a perception of shared humanity or we want one where identities such as race, gender, caste, religion, class, sexuality etc. take precedence over common identities as human beings and citizens and define who we are and how we relate as humans and as citizens.

One of the most touching comments I’ve heard about the veil and its banning was that of a French Muslim girl who said that her country had protected her when her family did not.

Two Weekends


We’re back from a weekend trip (Friday to Sunday) to Euro Disney in Paris. Sandy, Xavier and the others enjoyed it and I enjoyed seeing them enjoy it. Euro Disney is very popular and there were a lot of people who obviously enjoyed it. If you like Mickey Mouse and Disney Films and pink storybook castles you will enjoy it. The hotel was very nice. The fireworks were spectacular. It was most definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

This was the second of two weekend trips. The first was on the previous weekend 14th to 16th September when Sandy and I went on a DFDS ferry ‘cruise’ from Harwich to Esbjerg in Denmark. Both of us would agree that the cruise was far from enjoyable and was essentially a trip from nowhere to nowhere. I could say more but there is no point wasting more time and energy over it.