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Rome: A Flying Visit


Rome is possibly the greatest tourist city in the world; it’s been at it for a very long time. We visited the Basilica in St Peter’s Square and saw the tombs of dead popes. A night walk from St Peter’s Square to Trevi Fountain via a few long cuts left us both quite tired. A lot in a day. Sandy did well to do it despite painful feet. We will take it easier when we return. And perhaps learn to ignore the myriad street traders.

This is a short film on our short trip using photos and video captured on my Motorola G Android smartphone. The phone is new and the photos would probably have been better if I had been more familiar with it. I downloaded the music from

Tony Benn

Tony Benn died today (14 March 2014) at age 88. A brilliant teacher.

Here is George Galloway eulogising Tony Benn:

And this is a brilliant succinct exposition on the class struggle … the very last sentence is wonderfully appropriate today.

Frank Medrano and Antoinette Pacheco

I saw this video of Frank Medrano and his girlfriend Antoinette Pacheco on a Facebook post. They are obviously extraordinary people.

I like what Antoinette has to say about her training.

Global Warning

According to David Roberts and the majority of climate scientists we are facing imminent disaster. Global warming will cause droughts and floods and consequent mass starvation across the planet and will eventually result in the planet becoming uninhabitable. Scientists have been saying this for years but we have been collectively too stupid or too fatalistic to respond in the way we should. We don’t have the political systems that can respond properly to this crisis. Bottom line is we have the political, economic and social systems that reflect our state of consciousness so we need to change that consciousness and make the political and economic systems responsive to that better consciousness.
Teachers, philosophers and religious/spiritual leaders have a big role to play here and the dangers presented by climate change should have a catalysing effect.


NASA: Global Climate Change