April 2014

God is the Universe


God did not create the Universe because God is the Universe. Both terms refer to the Totality of all that is. Totality can have no cause outside itself. The enterprise of science is to understand the physical structure of the Universe (space, time, energy, matter) including its fundamental laws or modes of
behaviour. The enterprise of religion is to determine whether and in what way our perception that consciousness (intentionality and awareness) is fundamental to the Universe is true and how that fundamental consciousness relates to our individual consciousness.

Ray Jasper’s Letter


Ray Jasper was executed on March 19th. His letter is a last testimony and what he has to say is remarkable. He is not talking about his own situation but about the position of black people and a system that persistently disadvantages them and in prisons equates or near equates to slavery. Here’s a quick quote:

A French woman who moved to America asked me one day, ‘Why don’t black kids want to learn?’ Her husband was a high school teacher. She said the white and asian kids excel in school, but the black and hispanic kids don’t. I said that all kids want to learn, it’s just a matter of what you’re trying to teach them. Cutting a frog open is not helping a black kid in the ghetto who has to listen to police sirens all night and worry about getting shot. Those kids need life lessons. They need direction. When you have black kids learning more about the Boston Tea Party than the Black Panther Party, I guarantee you won’t keep their attention. But it was the Black Panther Party that got them free lunch.