The Right Place

“Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places.
There is no such thing as coincidence…
you are exactly where you need to be at this very moment!”

We are where we are .. and even if we don’t feel we need to be here maybe the Universe needs us here. There’s the old joke I heard somewhere:

A friend used to tell the story of being lost in rural Ireland on holiday. Stopping a local farmer, he asked the way to Dublin. The farmer replied, “Well now, if I were trying to get to Dublin, I wouldn’t start from here.”

I am where I am. I like the illustration because I feel that I’ve metaphorically washed up on a shore somewhere. Maybe I’ve made a lot of mistakes and where I am is the result .. I don’t regret those mistakes. Because regret is pointless and because my mistakes are part of who I’ve been and I do not regret who I’ve been.

Who I’ve been is not who I am and it is possible for there to be a distance a discontinuity between my now and the past. I do not repudiate the consequences and connections of my past life. The reality and consequences of my past actions are important and the connections with others precious in ways that I cannot define but that do not define me.