Does God have a Future.

Interesting debate titled ‘The Future of God’ but really a debate between two advocates of ‘New Age’ spirituality and two Atheistic sceptics. Deepak Chopra has some interesting points but articulates them very badly. Does the moon exist without a conscious observer? Not if you make any sort of distinction between your perception of the moon and ‘the moon itself’. Every perception in an interpretation of what is ‘out there’; this does not need quantum whatever. There is an important point to be made around the primacy of consciousness versus the primacy of the material world. Perhaps Sam Harris is right to say (quite generously) that Chopra is trying to merge two different ways of talking about the world. I don’t think that it’s impossible to do this but Chopra makes a poor job of it. He takes a brutal and embarrassing beating, like an overweight, overaged and unprepared boxer who has no business in the ring.