I’ve never seen a metaphysical angel but the metaphorical ones who see with empathy, compassion and love are rare enough and may be the only angels we need.

I continue the rather terrible habit of quoting things I have written elsewhere. This was a response to a quote on the Heaven and Hell FB page:

‎”Angels can recognize the nature of our unique essence on the basis of nothing more than a brief conversation with us. From hearing the tone of our voice angels sense what we love; and from hearing what we say, angels sense our level of understanding.”
-Emanuel Swedenborg, True Christianity, Vol. 2

I can’t judge the reality of Swedenborg’s claim to have seen the Afterlife but I believe that we have the capacity to make heaven or hell right here; that we can be angels or demons. To be either an angel or a demon requires considerable personal power. Angels and demons both carry a flame but one enlightens and the other burns.