At what point do we in the West, particularly we citizens of the US and the UK, recognise that we are in a position of complicity with murder comparable to that of German citizens during the Holocaust? The MSM emphasises the badness of the Taliban, Saddam and Gaddafi regimes as rationales for invasion/intervention, but if a measure of badness is the death and misery created it is at least arguable that the interventions result in more badness; if badness is measured by motivation then it is at least arguable that greed rather than any noble motive is behind the interventions; if brutality is the measure of badness then atrocities such as these again demonstrate the immoral nature of the interventions. The question is what do we do about it. It is one thing to highlight this on sites like, information is valuable, but what do we do with the information? Where is the coordinated effort to establish a wider dialogue, links between groups working for peace and justice etc.?