Barbados Day 11 – Xavier’s Birthday and Some Beach Running

We celebrated Xavier’s birthday today by going to ‘The Boatyard’, an on the beach bar and restaurant. I spent a lot of the time running around with Xavier, which was cool, as I didn’t want to go into the sea. I was pretty much exhausted after some morning exercise:

Today was a repeat of my beach running. A mile followed by meditation under a tree and then the same two more times. This time after rinsing the sand off I sat on the porch and did a bit more meditation and three rounds of surya namaskara. Exhausting but I enjoyed it and it should go a good way to countering some of the indulgences of the holiday.

Indulged in two cocktails at the bar.

Blending yoga and meditation with my running regime felt right. While I won’t claim that the holiday has advanced my physical training I think I have maintained whatever level of fitness I had. I will continue to integrate yoga/meditation with my running and my life.