Barbados Day 13 – The Burgulary

The Barbados trip has been really good until last night when the villa was burgled. Sandy and I were in the room normally used by Dane and Lisa and sleeping with Xavier since Dane was unwell. Essentially what happened was that the padlock on the grill leading out to the balcony was picked and an intruder go in picking up Dane’s wallet from near where I was sleeping and Anita’s handbag from the living room. This despite ten adults and Xavier being in the house. Anita and Dane phoned to have their lost cards and phones blocked but Dane had also lost a biometric card that identifies him as having some residency rights in the UK as he is an Antiguan citizen. This means that he had to go through some hoops to fly back with us. All passports were safe and we will be leaving on Friday evening to arrive back at Gatwick early Saturday morning; I expect to be home around midday.