Stuart Wilde

Perception, Redemption & Personal Safety

An Overview of the Global Karma

I said in my books ages ago that the global-ego will now take a big hit, and that will force the collective global-shadow to come out. Suddenly we will see people’s evil out front, made manifest and easy to see.

That in turn evokes the ghouls in the demonic worlds and it attracts them, as they like mayhem and emotional confusion and they come closer to humans because they are linked to pain and the hidden aspect of the human shadow.

People who seem normal now will suddenly flip and become cruel, dishonest and cold. We call those people the Swivelers as they spin to the darkness overnight, you’ve probably experienced a few of those people already.

You know your subtle energy is a signalling system, people are pulled to you according to the congruence or pattern that is in the fractal code you emit, and that code is embedded in your life force, that nowadays we call the etheric. So being a bit more serene and Zen and careful is a good thing now.

In the end your safety is linked to your purity, and while you might see yourself as kind and pure, if you are trolling through porno on the Internet for an hour each night, you leave yourself vulnerable.
Similarly if you are fighting with your spouse, or doing dodgy things, pretending to be normal but being anything BUT normal. Karma is very precise; try to remember that, it helps you.

Here are some Perception and Safety Ideas to Remember.

* One needs discipline to calm the mind or your darkness comes out and pulls in the ghouls. So don’t allow yourself to spin off on a tangent into some big upset that lasts hours and hours. That is not safe. And don’t fight with people, let them go. Agree to lose, it is safer. Be a Taoist; don’t confront, walk away, keep to your dignity at all times.

* Next, keep your life ordered and Zen-like in its cleanliness. This is a form of protection. The ghouls like clutter and dirt and confusion. And they are drawn to anyone of out control and stressed out.

* Then, stay away from anything degrading, violent films or degrading images and news on TV, and as said, stay away from pornography. This is the biggest ghoul-attracter as it comes out of the slaver’s mentality. You need clean celestial images in your mind to stay safe.

* Stay away from poisonous and dangerous places. Don’t put yourself at risk by hanging out with dodgy people that hurt your luminosity, and by going to degrading places.

*Use your feelings to decide things so the ghouls can’t pull you the wrong way by feeding your thinking mind with loads of misinformation.

* Stay calm, remember the adage: no fear no anger.

* Drink camomile even if you don’t like it. Drink lots of it, for it makes the ghouls sick.

* Use a drop of lavender on your crown chakra, third eye, throat and heart. Use that to anoint yourself. Do it every morning. Pray as you do it; be grateful.

* Use lavender in the bath and put a few drops of it on a towel when you dry yourself.

* Do the forgiveness prayer I taught people, whereby you go on your knees and beg forgiveness for your transgressions in the past. Do it for thirty days even if you have done it before. Blow love to the people you hurt and those that are trying to hurt you…

* Try to be a vegetarian if you are not one already. It helps greatly with your perception, as you become more alkaline.

* Remember the law of allowing: let everyone be whatever they want to be. Let them wake in their beds and believe whatever they want to believe. Don’t judge and don’t criticize; if you don’t like it, either bear it, or move on. By not entangling yourself you stay safer.

* Learn to suffer in silence. It is pointless moaning as it calls the ghouls to your pain. Look within when you are in pain. Accept your life as it comes, and then change the bits you can later on.

*Do a three-day fast from time to time if that’s medically appropriate for you. It makes you serene and celestial.

*Go to silence as a discipline, not talking for a day at a time heals you. Be brave. Walk along the bank of the Tao and trust in the power of that and your power and let that carry you forward with information and God’s inspiration.

Processing Your Shadow as a Safety Mechanism

I knew early on in my spiritual journey that perception and redemption were linked, for if one has no ‘inner sight’ one’s evolution is somewhat truncated.

When you close your eyes, if you see darkness there, it is your shadow that surrounds you that you are looking at. If you had no shadow, the dark you see would transmute to a celestial light in six-to-ten seconds and you would see visions of the digital-fractal celestial heavens. I set out to liberate myself and take as many others as wished to come, and my books and seminars became battle plans on how to process your hidden darkness and how to learn to see in a hurry, as time is tight.

1) I discovered one’s darkness is tricky because it hides and it has an Oscar in playacting and pretending to be reasonable.

Excuses are a taxi to hell.

Then I saw how people are scared of their shadow. And the reason they are, is because the demonic influences in the spirit worlds, that we call the Aluna Mirror-Worlds, ride the shadow with alacrity, right up to the center of your soul. They don’t want you improving yourself or processing anything; essentially they don’t want you making a run for it. You are probably theirs, so they will con you into feeling you are just fine and dandy, squeaky-clean and perfect.

2) It takes courage to escape and much tenacity.

Denial castigates your soul to a rotten karma.

Meditation and introspection is vital. If you can master the trance state and stay awake you will begin to see the Aluna worlds and your powers of intuition and heightened feelings will increase exponentially.

3) If you think you have no shadow then start with the observing disdain. Do you separate yourself from humanity and consider them evil, wrong or dangerous, or less than you? And do you act to position yourself as a superior person, part of the spiritual elite say?

Disdain is very silent and very common and very deadly.

Next, with a compassion and a comprehension of the eternity of your soul, will you evaluate for me the level of your tenderness? Are you selfless and kind, and do you offer a soft eye to humanity? Do you live and let live? Do you readily forgive others for their transgressions and weaknesses? Do you have no criticism or judgment to broach? Or are you quick to anger and make wrong, and attack and gossip. Ding Ding!

4) Tenderness is one of the three graces; the other two I list as generosity and respect. To learn to see properly you have to embrace the Feminine Spirit and honor her and offer a tenderness of spirit to humans and all living things.

You will never be able to see if you are cruel or mean as the celestial protects itself from intruders and interlopers.

Then I would talk to people about their power trips and desire to control others – all our little games and manipulations and sexual ploys and so forth. The demonic seeks to control, that is why governments pass endless silly laws; it is an obsession that flows from their self-importance. They like inflicting pain. If you are into games and terror tactics and take-aways and lies, all that has to be sorted out.

5) Give up on control and games, it will rot your soul.

Protection and safety comes from perception, and perceptions come, as said, from humility and purity. To wield fear or retribution against others is to bring it upon yourself. All evil meets a greater evil up ahead. That is the ‘drama of karma’ – its mathematics, its formula. You need to escape, for the karma of this global-matrix is to falter. It’s the rabbit hole for you my brothers and sisters of the revolution so you may scurry away in the nick of time.

There is a Karma to the Drama of the Charmer You Select!

Many of us have gone through the agony and the ecstasy of relationships only to find out how bloody dangerous they are. We trot down the river to perdition through want of acceptance, sex, security, and through the fear of loneliness, but in doing that we often invite cruelty and subjugation.

So many women sell their souls to providers and protectors, but if you sell your soul to a Nazi you can’t really bitch if he or she makes you into a slave. The shadow process is often your reaction to the darkness of the charmer you selected. Airport! Clinically, this is the tried and tested cure for these diseases of the soul.

If it is really grim, never mind all that ‘Stand by Your Man’ rubbish, try my version, which is ‘Stand by Your Van’….load and go!

“Pain is not noble or compulsory.”
“Pain is not noble or compulsory.”
“Pain is not noble or compulsory.”

How far is it to the airport? Look it up on Google maps and pin the route to the fridge—might inspire ya!

Nothing is Solid, Everything can Change

After years of trying to see, the veil between this world and the next lifted for me. At first, the walls in my home started to morph from solid to fluid, and then I saw the eternity of creation beyond the concreteness of our earthly existence. Naturally, I wondered if I was imagining it all. But others close to me began to see the same phenomena and after a hundred such experiences, I started to become more and more convinced. Then, one day in August 2001, in New Orleans, I went through the wall of a hotel. After that I had no more doubts.

I’m not quite sure how I did it. I wasn’t intending to go through the wall. At first, it morphed from solid to hazy, then it went soapy looking and I suddenly found myself pulled through to the other side. I thought I had been gone only a few minutes, but once I got back to my room I realized the bedside clock had ticked through 50 minutes of Earth time. There is no real time, of course, beyond the earth plane—everything is eternal. So are you. Eternity, it seems, is what exists between atoms and molecules.

Nothing is really solid and your life and your problems only feel real they are illusions really. There are dark dreams and light dreams. You have to choose. Some people like the dark; the power and the excitement of it gives them an adrenaline kick, but what goes out turns about.

Reincarnation & Fate

Some people think it is all to do with reincarnation and fate. Teachings about reincarnation that say we live one life after the next over eons, suffering pain and confusion until we eventually reach God and nirvana, are not really true. Reincarnation is just a spooky idea invented to stall you. God is right here, not at the end of a journey. You are at the center of everything. There is nowhere to go. You are already there.

Reincarnation is a form of celestial geography. Creation is a hologram. It is everywhere. You are everywhere. Everything and everyone that ever lived is inside you: Hitler, Mother Teresa, Genghis Khan, the greatest creators, the saints, the animal worlds, the plant kingdoms, Jack the Ripper and Blackbeard. They are all within you and you are inside them. You are everything that ever lived. Hell is lifestyle choice we make day to day.

At my weekend gigs that I do twice a year in Amsterdam and Las Vegas, I show people how to dematerialize. I’m the only New Age teacher I know of that actually gets rid of his or her paying customers. Tee hee! They all come back a few seconds later, but the process teaches them the true nature of how non-solid everything is.

So in the non-solid world, gravity obviously doesn’t exist, and once our 3-D solidity morphs, you could drop a billiard ball on the floor and it would go straight through it. Time is what makes solidity solid to our perception. Once time began, solidity gradually appeared. We perceive solidity not just because atoms oscillate quickly to create solidity, but also because the mind moves forward in time. Your mind moving forward in time is what makes a wall hard. Thinking is linked to solidity. Once you stop your mind, the wall will start to morph after about 20 seconds or so. Castaneda knew all this stuff.

You already know in the non-solid world things are pulled together by their intrinsic ‘feeling’—the force of attraction. Gravity is a 3-D version of this intrinsic feeling. Love attracts, hatred repels. Gravity is the geometry of love in our 3-D universe. The sun is pure love. No one is attacking the sun. If you become the same, the celestial heat inside you becomes ‘as the sun,’ evil gets scared and backs off.

So to recapitulate. You have to be brave and go thorugh the shadow process, and you have to learn to stop lying and making excuses and you must embrace a ferocious level of honesty, for the power of the ‘authentic’ you is vast and the disempowerment of the ‘phony’ you brings disease death and dysfunction.

And to tackle your fears means being able to live inside yourself and inside a calm and Zen-like discipline. So you have few needs, and the needs that you do have, can be met simply by you without having to overly rely on others. This grants you confidence. You don’t feel threathened all of the time. Forgive yourself; once you have achieved a proper contrition, keep forgiving everyone else; love your tormentors and don’t make a fuss.

Embrace your silent power. Often doing nothing is the most powerful way to go. Evil burns itself out. I cannot tell you how many of my detractors and attackers are already in the grave, or in mental care; now that is serious. If you don’t move and give ground they all fall over, as all evil eats itself if it can’t find anything else to eat.

So stand strong, no fear no anger. Be patient. The insanity of the global change will pass and a Brave New World will emerge on the other side. The macho BS and state-sponsored violence will fall away as will the police state and all the mechanism of control. In a few years time there won’t be a tax system, it will have fallen over as all government lies and manipulations will falter in the end.

Find people of like-mind and join the tribe and learn to serve and make yourself useful and celebrate, for we are on the threshold of a new beginning, a new way.

For is it not written: from out of the darkness comes an even greater light – and the greatest love and courage comes from testing times. And that salvation and redemption and tenderness of spirit is what we seek to walk fearlessly towards.

© Stuart Wilde 2009