So you’ve decided to take up the NaNoWriMo challenge again. My failure to get very far last year and my eventual dissatisfaction with the story I was writing, together with other commitments, made me question the relevance of doing this but I’ve decided to go ahead.

Reading some posts on http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/forums/nano-rebels reassured me of the value of writing even if I don’t complete and don’t want to complete a conventional novel. I write anyway, I write on FB, I write occasional emails and I write on my blogs. I’ve tried to write fantasy. Fantasy is the fiction that is most distant from reality. It is of use and of interest if it says something important about reality but too often and in the wrong hands it is merely distant and at best distraction.

Fiction that is more closely related to reality is good when it is an exploration of feeling and relationships, where the words have a certain music. If I were to write such fiction I would want it to be an interplay between the form of the language and an honest exploration of my experiences and feelings. I do not have the courage or recklessness, the cruelty to honestly express my felt reality nor the linguistic skills to express experience and feeling in the creative and transformative ways that would make a decent novel.

And yet perhaps there is something I can offer; something which brings together thought and writing. I suppose I am talking about a philosophical novel or non-novel or something in between. It will not be philosophy because what distinguishes philosophy is its high level of abstraction from personal reality. Our everyday reality lies between the poles of Imagination and Intensity and it is to the Pole of Intensity that I will be traveling as I write over the next month.

Beware. My writing will not be confined to a notebook but will appear on FB, blogs, comments pages, plans, projects, proposals etc, and in short, will be coming to a space near you. At the end of the month I will put it together.

Hmmm .. and so it begins .. at least this ramble has given me a working title .. ‘Pole of Intensity’.