Art or Porn

Une artiste expose son sexe sous «L'origine du… by quoi2news

“Tasteless,sexist and simplistic thinking. There is much more to women’s issues than vaginas. We should be more focused on personhood than body parts.” according to one commenter. I replied:

“I don’t think it’s intended to be about ‘women’s issues’. DeRobertis says it’s a matter of context. She does not replicate the pose in the painting she attempts to replicate it’s confrontational aspect. What does her display and our reaction say about her ‘personhood’ and ours? The painting is entirely focused on a vagina, the rest of the woman has disappeared. Like it or not DeRobertis restores the woman as present and as a person. I would not advocate a repetition of this act but it does seem to be a valid response to the painting.”

Source: Huffpost

I think there is probably an interesting discussion to be had here.


Miyoko Shida’s performance is a meditation that demonstrates that it is possible to bring balance to the different elements of our lives through cultivating patience, stillness and attention. The structure she creates is a visualisation and expression of inner quietude, balance and harmony and we are grateful that she has, even for a moment, recalled us to the understanding that creating space for these qualities within is at least as important as anything we can create externally.

Miyoko’s act is called Sanddornbalance. She did not originate it:

For more than 15 years .. Mädir Rigolo ..[was] the only performer until he took the decision to share his experience and transfer his knowledge to a small number of selected artists who .. now on carry on the tradition of Sanddornbalance in their own individual style and adaptation.
Thus, nowadays there is a celebrated Sanddornbalance at Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna, performed by Mädir’s daughter Lara Rigolo (Nestruck’s Top 10 in 2012). Or the powerful and energetic interpretation by Memet Bilgin Rigolo in Australia. We meet the mysterious elegance presented by Japanese dancer and choreographer Miyoko Shida Rigolo. We listen to and watch Naima Rhyn Rigolo who enriches the performance with the sonority of her voice.
Mädir Eugster himself will not stop performing himself – no way – but will surprise audience with a new creation Wings in My Heart in 2014.

Angels and Devils

This animation of M.C. Escher’s Angel’s and Demons is quite striking. The animation highlights the significance of Escher’s original work showing a metamorphosis from an angelic universe to one in which good and evil are intertwined and in which what we bring to the foreground is a choice. It brought to mind two phrases: “Inner Demons” and “The Better Angels of our Nature”.