This cartoon looks at two different ways of responding to what someone we love is saying to us. We can react to negativity negatively or respond to it positively.

Find the Others

I put this video together as an exercise last month using a cartoon strip at Zen Pencils. Credit to Gavin Aung Than for the pictures and Mladost Club found at for the music. I think it works well and I’m thinking of doing more of this.



I rather like this picture that a street artist in Covent Garden drew today. I offered him £7.00 and he took £5.00 which is very good especially since I plan to use the sketch as my FB profile picture for a while and to use it elsewhere on the web. The picture pretty accurately reflects my paunch.

Cartoon Generator.

Using another cartoon generator; this time at Toondoo. It’s easier to customise characters here than in Strip Generator but I like both of them.