Tai Chi

I did a very short japa meditation this morning. During the day I had a meeting at the Friends Cafe, on Barking Road about a project that we plan to run. After this I went into the Newham Bookshop next to the cafe and bought three books that looked both interesting and useful. At home I did a bit of preparation for the Creative Writing after school club before going to meet the group at their school. Three hours of fairly intensive Tai Chi/Qigong at Stratford Circus and then back home stopping to buy a bottle of pear cider and Doritos because I needed or just wanted the indulgence. Not a bad day.

Education and Technology

Edudemic is an interesting looking site – ‘connecting education and technology’ as its subtitle says. Interesting for me because these are my twin creative/professional interests.

I found the link on a post by Adelina Silva on her site which is also about education and technology.

If a 12 Year Old Can Understand This …

This is a very special 12 year old. His understanding of the political situation in Egypt and the Middle East puts most adults to share. I was amused when the interviewer suggests that she doesn’t even know what a ‘fascist theocracy’ and the kid gives a concise and accurate definition.

As I said this kid is special, conscious and articulate he is performing above the expectation for someone his age. But what he is saying is not ‘rocket science’, why don’t more people in the UK realise that their government’s support for the insurgents in Syria is cynical and immoral?