Down Syndrome Child and Dog

I saw this moving video on Facebook and searched for it on YouTube. As well as this edited version I found an unedited version that shows how hard the dog had to work to win the child’s affection:

The video was uploaded by Ana, the child’s mother. The child’s name is Hernan and the dog is Himalaya. Hernan was three at the time. Understandably, the video went viral and, two years later, the Daily Mail ran an article on it.


This captioned picture of Sarah Reinertsen, an athlete with a prosthetic leg appeared on an atheist FB page. I though it was an intriguing image even if the caption betrays a very childish idea of God. A search for the source of the image led me to another image of Sarah Reinertsen which I post at the risk of being accused of blogging in the style of the Sun newspaper:

Also found at the Grinding website was this TED Talk by Aimee Mullins that made me think that for some people at least at term ‘enabled’ is a lot more apt than ‘disabled’ because science, their social connections and their own fighting spirit (I like alliteration a little too much) enable them.