The Pain Body

Tolle’s discussion of the ‘Pain Body’ is important. The Pain Body is the accumulation of distress in us that takes on a life of its own. Instead of interacting with each other as human beings in the now we interact out of  our past and that past is often pain.

Tolle talks about watching violence in films and in the news. Violence in the news is not to be ignored. Maybe it is an expression of a collective pain body. As we watch the pain body in ourselves, we need to watch, too, the collective pain body that results in war, torture and cruelty.

Tolle on Spaciousness

This is extracted from a long talk by Eckhart Tolle that can be found at Spaciousness, meditation, emptiness, our reflective nature, without this we are reactive; bounced from one thing to the other by our experience. So first the quiet mind. Stillness.