I posted this Coca-Cola commercial on Facebook by mistake:

I meant to post this more honest version:

Really clever piece of agitprop subverting the damage control intentions of the original version.

I hate coke though I sometimes drink other fizzy rubbish. Anyone who is aware of what they consume knows that Coke is poison but there are plenty of people including young children who don’t know about the effects of sugar consumed in this massive way. The second video contains the kind of warning that Coca-cola and other companies should be forced to include. Why is sugar advertising and consumption not restricted as tobacco advertising and consumption is restricted?

Excercise, Meditation and Health

This article sparked some thoughts about meditation, both my own meditation and meditation in general.

A new study from the University of Wisconsin–Madison found that adults who practiced mindful meditation or moderately intense exercise for eight weeks suffered less from seasonal ailments during the following winter than those who did not exercise or meditate.
The study appeared in the July issue of Annals of Family Medicine. Researchers recruited about 150 participants, 80 percent of them women and all older than 50, and randomly assigned them to three groups. One group was trained for eight weeks in mindful meditation; another did eight weeks of brisk walking or jogging under the supervision of trainers. The control group did neither. The researchers then monitored the respiratory health of the volunteers with biweekly telephone calls and laboratory visits from September through May—but they did not attempt to find out whether the subjects continued meditating or exercising after the initial eight-week training period.
Participants who had meditated missed 76 percent fewer days of work from September through May than did the control subjects. Those who had exercised missed 48 percent fewer days during this period. The severity of the colds and flus also differed between the two groups. Those who had exercised or meditated suffered for an average of five days; colds of participants in the control group lasted eight. Lab tests confirmed that the self-reported length of colds correlated with the level of antibodies in the body, which is a biomarker for the presence of a virus.
“I think the big news is that mindfulness meditation training appears to have worked” in preventing or reducing the length of colds, says Bruce Barrett of the department of family medicine. He cautions, however, that the findings are preliminary.
Scientific American

What’s interesting in this article is not just the conclusion that meditation has verifiable health benefits but that it is apparently more effective that exercise. However this is hardly the ‘big news’ that the article claims; the benefits of meditation have been known many years. The proponents of Transcendental Meditation (TM) in particular have pointed to research detailing the effectiveness of their particular technique:

I was introduced to TM many years ago when I was in my twenties. I continued to use it occasionally but was never a persistent or consistent practitioner. I have tried other forms of meditation also but again without consistency. Dr Hageiln’s exposition on TM appears quite partisan in extolling the virtues of TM above that of other meditation techniques but from what I’ve read TM is the most researched meditation technique.

There is a comparison of meditation techniques on the Institute for Applied Meditation website. This article promotes ‘Heart Rhythm Meditation’, which I had not heard about previously, but nevertheless provides thumbnail outlines of the other meditation forms. These are of course quite incomplete but the notes are a useful starting point. The Secrets of Yoga website offers a comparison between meditation styles that is a bit more detailed somewhat less partisan.

Follow-up Reading: A Glimpse into the Meditating Brain.


Even at 5.11am there are too many people around for me and I look every bit the unfit runner that I am. I run the first half mile without stopping and then my lower legs hurt and I stop to walk too often. Still, my overall pace is the same. I really didn’t feel like running this morning but I know that the biggest challenge for me is maintaining some consistency.

I am aiming to run just over a mile each day. I did three runs over Saturday and Sunday and four runs over Wednesday to Friday. So that’s seven miles even though I only ran on five days out of seven. Given my problem with consistency I am pleased with this.

I have signed up to do a 10 mile charity run in October and I realise how far I have to go to be anywhere near fit to take this on.

Farm to Fridge

This deserves/needs to go viral. It took me a while to repost this to Facebook because it took me a while to watch this video all the way through and I didn’t want to repost it until I had done so. It is unpleasant and painful to watch. It focuses on the farm industry in America but I would expect that some of the same abuses happen in the UK. I do not eat ‘red meat’ and only eat free range poultry (rarely) and fish; I also consume milk and free range eggs often choosing the organic option. I have to question these choices. I am not against killing and eating animals but I am against cruelty. Death and the consumption of animals by other animals as part of the food chain is part of the natural order but the mechanisation of slaughter and the sustained torture of animals is not part of that order. Everything is connected, our acceptance of cruelty towards animals makes cruelty towards humans more acceptable, turning a blind eye to this suffering is contiguous with us turning a blind eye towards massive injustice and suffering in the human world. As we evolve individually and collectively to becoming more conscious we need to open our eyes to the reality and consequences of what we do and accept.