Alex Jones

Out of the Sewers?



This LA Times cartoon from an article by cartoonist columnist David Horsey is amusing because it is easy to see Alex Jones this way; it is however unfair. Horsey writes:

Usually, it would be best to ignore conspiracy-mongers such as Alex Jones and not reward him and his angry gaggle of paranoiac followers with any sort of attention. But, in a week when thoughts of the dead and maimed victims of the Boston Marathon bombings weigh heavy on the hearts and minds of most Americans, it is worth pointing out what a worthless waste of skin and bones Jones and his minions happen to be.

Alex Jones comes across as a self publicist and can  be seen as dangerously irresponsible in his advocacy of guns. But I don’t think that Jones is a ‘worthless waste of skin’. He may be wrong in his speculations about the Boston Marathon bombings but the behaviour of elements of the US government opens them to suspicion. An article from the New York Times notes that several terrorist plots foiled over the past few years were instigated or facilitated by FBI agents cajoling those they identified as probable terrorist sympathisers to commit terrorist acts. This video makes the same point:



The Reaction to the Kony 2012 is phenomenal. Whoever was behind this has overplayed their hand and been caught out and now everyone is all over them. In this video Alex Jones has a really nice conversation with Ugandan American Sanyu. This highly intelligent and articulate young woman is a great example for other young people.


The Kony 2012 campaign has been thoroughly discredited. The breakdown and arrest of Jason Russell was perhaps the last straw. Alex Jones is clear on the connection between the campaign and the agenda of the west to dominate Africa.

I was originally taken in by the film. Guilt tripped into it because I hadn’t been paying attention to what is happening in Africa. I had my concerns about the ‘whiteness’ of the campaign and other aspects but I thought these guys are sincere let’s support them. They were caught out by more alert people who looked deeper. The fact that the meme is not dead suggests that it is useful to the Establishment.

Russell’s breakdown is reminiscent to the breakdown of the US soldier in Afghanistan who supposedly killed 18 Afghan civilians. Is there a connection? Is indicative of the more general breakdown of the Establishment?