Chomsky on Ron Paul


Ron Paul comes across as honest, sincere, rational and has a sense of humour .. he is willing to say America has done bad things and should mind it’s own business, he doesn’t believe Iran is building nukes and understands that the hype is contrived. What’s not to like?

Well here are some critiques:

Chomsky on Ron Paul.
In Defense of Ron Paul. A Reply to Noam Chomsky.
Ralph Nader on Ron Paul.


We should never depend on politicians like Paul or anyone else. However I like Paul because I recognise his sincerity. He is in the Republican party because it is the only way to get elected; he is really Fringe. After losing the candidacy in 2008 he refused to endorse McCain and instead supported positions, held by fringe candidates, which coincided with principles he considered axiomatic. This is why many on the principled Left respect him despite their differences. This video is very interesting:


Chomsky and Paxman



Chomsky would be a witness for the prosecution in a war crimes case against Bush, Blair, Obama et al. He has been a consistent voice against the consensus view that America is a force for good rather than an instigator of many evils. The interviewer is Jeremy Paxman who seems to be a consistent defender of the consensus view.