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Critique of Ron Paul’s Austerity Plan

Webster Tarpley offers a devastating critique of Ron Paul’s plans.

Even if you don’t agree with Tarpley it’s worth looking in detail at the possible consequences of what RP proposes. Additionally Paul’s libertarianism would most likely result in less liberty for individuals since his belief in states rights and unrestricted capitalism would give greater power to illiberal states and exploitative corporations. Paul does not emphasise the obligation of the state to protect the liberty of its citizens as opposed to staying out of their way under the assumption that they will be able to cope with already massively empowered predators. Ron Paul’s anti-war stance is no more than common sense; the fact that he is the only one of the presidential candidates taking that stance tells us more about the state of the American political system than it does about Paul.

Ron Paul Cult Leader?


Great testimonial. Like him or not, and there is a lot I disagree with Ron Paul about, there is something fascinating about the man. This video captures it. Part of the attraction is obviously about contrast; he speaks like a human being; making reasonable points about America’s obvious aggression and the inevitable reaction. When all the other candidates in the US election are ignoring this Paul’s stance is like water in a desert. But Angel’s testimonial suggests that Paul has something of the cult leader about him … I don’t mean that in a pejorative way. Some people have this ‘thing’ that’s born out of their own intensity and conviction and is very attractive to others. Obama had some of this and, mixed with being young, gifted, (tall, handsome) and black, it created a certain glamour … Paul does not have these advantages. There’s a sense you’re getting the pure stuff.


Ron Paul is not a Zombie

I don’t support Ron Paul per se; however the fact that his stance is markedly different to that of the other Republican candidates is worth noting if only to highlight the contrast. I agree that Ron Paul is mistaken and obsessive in some of his stances but I would take into account the assessments made by Kucinich, Nader and McKinney in allying with Paul where they have common ground. Obama and his supposed opponents are essentially spewing the same nauseating and frightening nonsense:



It’s not that I’m fond of Paul, (I think he needs to be challenged hard on his ideas regarding ‘states rights’ and other issues where those who hold power can act to the detriment of the right of individuals to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness unless honest central government enforces those rights.) it’s just that in comparison to that bunch of idiots he’s a genius.

This Ron Paul vs. Michele Bachmann vid really makes the point …only one of these people would pass the Turing Test:



You see, it’s not so much that I like Ron Paul though I do respect him … it’s more that I much prefer him to killer robot zombies.

Chomsky on Ron Paul


Ron Paul comes across as honest, sincere, rational and has a sense of humour .. he is willing to say America has done bad things and should mind it’s own business, he doesn’t believe Iran is building nukes and understands that the hype is contrived. What’s not to like?

Well here are some critiques:

Chomsky on Ron Paul.
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Ralph Nader on Ron Paul.


We should never depend on politicians like Paul or anyone else. However I like Paul because I recognise his sincerity. He is in the Republican party because it is the only way to get elected; he is really Fringe. After losing the candidacy in 2008 he refused to endorse McCain and instead supported positions, held by fringe candidates, which coincided with principles he considered axiomatic. This is why many on the principled Left respect him despite their differences. This video is very interesting: