Webster Tarpley

Tarpley vs Jones


Alex Jones interviews Webster Tarpley. Jones is a poor interviewer and derides a lot that Tarpley has to say, particularly Tarpley’s criticisms of Ron Paul; nevertheless Tarpley gets his points across.

Tarpley’s command of his subject and his intelligence are obvious. He is sharing his insight into what can be called ‘The Pattern’, the way that events connect to present a picture of a struggle between the 1% who dominate the political system in the west and those nations or alliances that stand in the way of the expansion of their dominance. Listening to him I feel I can begin to understand the pattern.

Webster Tarpley

This conversation between Webster Tarpley and Libertarian Adam Kokesh is worth watching. Kokesh has no real answer for Tarpley’s assertion that Ron Paul economic plan would be genocidal. Kokesh also concedes that the libertarian project lacks any plan to correct the existing distribution of wealth. It’s amusing watching Tarpley refusing to be drawn into a theoretical discussion about libertarians versus ‘big government’ and staying focused on what’s actually happening.

Critique of Ron Paul’s Austerity Plan

Webster Tarpley offers a devastating critique of Ron Paul’s plans.

Even if you don’t agree with Tarpley it’s worth looking in detail at the possible consequences of what RP proposes. Additionally Paul’s libertarianism would most likely result in less liberty for individuals since his belief in states rights and unrestricted capitalism would give greater power to illiberal states and exploitative corporations. Paul does not emphasise the obligation of the state to protect the liberty of its citizens as opposed to staying out of their way under the assumption that they will be able to cope with already massively empowered predators. Ron Paul’s anti-war stance is no more than common sense; the fact that he is the only one of the presidential candidates taking that stance tells us more about the state of the American political system than it does about Paul.