Air and Water



During our short stay in Manchester Sandy and I went underwater at Sealife and I was carried aloft on columns of air at Airkix. We saw two plays, Harold Pinter’s ‘The Birthday Present’, and Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’. We enjoyed seeing the very impressive Trafford Centre and travelling on the tram network.

Rome: A Flying Visit


Rome is possibly the greatest tourist city in the world; it’s been at it for a very long time. We visited the Basilica in St Peter’s Square and saw the tombs of dead popes. A night walk from St Peter’s Square to Trevi Fountain via a few long cuts left us both quite tired. A lot in a day. Sandy did well to do it despite painful feet. We will take it easier when we return. And perhaps learn to ignore the myriad street traders.

This is a short film on our short trip using photos and video captured on my Motorola G Android smartphone. The phone is new and the photos would probably have been better if I had been more familiar with it. I downloaded the music from

Interesting Contrast


Sandy’s hair and my beard make an interesting contrast … also I don’t look too fat in this one. Sandy and I also make an interesting contrast but it works.