Kerry-ann Mendoza on Gaza

Kerry-ann Mendoza gives a brilliant interview here – some key points are:

1. The attacks on Gaza are effectively an ongoing genocide not a war.
2. The ineffective Hamas rocket attacks are the only way the Palestinians in Gaza had to engage the Israelis and the attention of the world and get some concessions
3. There is no moral equivalence between the two sides, Israel is an occupying and oppressing power. As far a right to defend themselves exists it is the Palestinians who have that need and that right.
4. The ‘two state’ solution is not going to happen and everybody knows it. There is no Palestine there is only Israel in which Palestinian people are disenfranchised and discriminated against.
5. It is laughable to call Israel ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ it cannot be a Jewish state and a democratic state.
6. The only just solution lies in a secular state with equal rights for all its inhabitants.

What Kerry-ann says is rational and obviously true but we don’t often hear the truth articulated so plainly. Cenk Uygur is a largely sympathetic interviewer but he still tries to frame the conflict as one in which both sides are to blame, to some extent, for the intractability of the situation.

Norman Finkelstein

The comparison between Israel and Nazi Germany is appropriate. This is not to say that Jews are the new Nazis but it is to suggest that there are parallels between the race ideologies of Nazism and Zionism and between the ruthlessness of the Nazi regime and the Zionist regime.

Background to Conflicts in Palestine and Ukraine

The Palestinians will never be destroyed, they will never disappear, we are not the Red Indians, we will not be cancelled from history just like this, no.

John Pilger’s 2002 film is a classic that unveils the terrible injustice done the Palestinian people when Israel was founded in 1948 and they were literally evicted from their own land to make way for another people. The Palestinians were given 22% of the land while the favoured people of the colonial gods were given 88%. After the 1967 war the Israelis occupied the Palestinian 22% and Israelis built settlements there. These settlements are considered illegal under international law but the ‘international community’ has taken no action against Israel for this. The whole history of violent repression and resistance flows from these injustices. This is worth watching.

Vladimir Putin is undoubtedly the most capable world leader. Here he outlines the background to the Ukrainian crisis from his perspective, which seems closer to what we have observed on video reports than the spin put on events by western media and politicians.