God is ..

If one defines God as everything that exists and our sense of God as a sense of connection and oneness with the totality of existence then by definition God exists. Of course a lot of people will disagree and that really is ego, the insistence on being separate and standing in opposition to what is or considering one’s self or one’s religion or group special. Religions mythologise the Oneness as God and the Separateness as the Devil but in making God ‘their God’ they introduce separateness and ‘their God’ becomes the Devil. Logically however, Oneness embraces Separateness and spiritually God embraces even the Devil. Understanding this and feeling it is the mystical or spiritual experience.

Orthodox Jews against Israel

Orthodox Jews. I know nothing about them .. they seem alien, these men with black coats and long beards. But their spiritual strength and commitment to peace are obvious. They have opposed Zionism and the state of Israel from the beginning and they make it clear that Judaism is not Zionism. I have condemned the notion of a ‘chosen people’ in the past but these people undoubtedly understand their ‘chosenness’ in terms of service and humility rather than dominance and mastery.

Takfiris and the US

I’ve only watched the first 18 minutes of this but it is a very interesting perspective on ISIS and the other terrorist groups from a former Al Qaeda fighter who considers himself an Islamic scholar. From what I got so far is 1) ISIS and the terrorist groups are deluded Muslims who wrongly believe they should fight against other Muslims because of differences in interpretation – the calls them ‘takfiris’. 2) ISIS started in Iraq and was smuggled into Syria and are now returning. 3) ISIS and similar groups were funded and trained by the Americans, Saudis and Gulf States 4) ISIS owe their studied savagery to the model of Ghengis Khan not that of the Prophet.

There is a transcript here.

God is the Universe


God did not create the Universe because God is the Universe. Both terms refer to the Totality of all that is. Totality can have no cause outside itself. The enterprise of science is to understand the physical structure of the Universe (space, time, energy, matter) including its fundamental laws or modes of
behaviour. The enterprise of religion is to determine whether and in what way our perception that consciousness (intentionality and awareness) is fundamental to the Universe is true and how that fundamental consciousness relates to our individual consciousness.