Web Dev

WordPress Theme Builders

Thinking about WordPress theme design. Eventually I will have to learn CSS properly and maybe PHP if I want to be a web designer/developer but in the meantime I need design software.

I currently use Artisteer to design themes. This is adequate for simple sites but it has limited flexibility. I’m looking at Headway Themes and Elegant Themes as ‘theme builders’. Elegant Themes costs $89 while Headway costs $174. Other options are highlighted at the Vandelay Design site.

WordPress Themes

I’ve spent too much time looking at WordPress themes over the past few days. A little while ago I noticed that multi-column themes that I had created using the Artisteer templating system were not displaying as intended in the Chrome browser. They worked fine in IE, Opera and Firefox but that’s not good enough as Chrome is a very popular browser. I searched the web for solutions but no luck. I will have to learn a lot more about coding to solve this. Shame. Artisteer is great for design. However this theme, ‘Admired Theme’, looks okay so I’m going to use it for a while. One of my issues is becoming fixated over minor issues to the point of not being able to move on to more important things.

NYPO Page Infographic


This is an ‘infographic’ for the NYPO Facebook page. The page is managed by Kiran Patel and is making a lot of connections. I’m posting this however because I was thinking I could use the ‘infographic’ idea. I started looking at this after seeing an advert for Piktochart, an app that allows the user to adapt infographic templates. I remember though that mindmaps while being different may do most of what I want to do with infographics.