Web Dev


I actually did some work today. It’s been difficult getting motivated, getting started. And whenever I stop it’s difficult to start again. I was updating my own Netstorms site and also working on a site for a community group. Prompted me to install a ‘To Do List’ plugin on this site:

Netstorms Tasks

  1. Check http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Backups before backing up/ upgrading WP sites
  2. Complete contracts for staff
  3. Set up Facebook page for Peace Project


I didn’t do much yesterday apart from watching a number of episodes of The Mentalist online. Felt stupid. Late in the evening I started looking at yet another website I want to develop. This is MediaWiki based and I’ve not done anything with wikis for over two years so I needed to relearn some stuff. Still it’s beginning to look good.

SSH and Putty

I found this video a very useful introduction to SSH and Putty when I needed to zip and download files on my websites. I had previously been doing it the long way using FTP. The SSH Commands site also helped a lot.

Just Another WordPress Site


I use Artisteer to design themes for my three main sites which are WordPress driven .. While I’m satisfied with the results I notice that they all have the same basic look – header, horizontal menu, two or three columns. I’m satisfied with this site and the Netstorms one but I should make the NYPO one look different, not so dark but not white.

Artiseer is great for designing templates that work but the problem is making them look different.

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