The Practice, the Work and the Love

A beautiful image. Time to meditate, slow down, do the work. This is sufficient.

Bad habits are the worst enemies you can have. You are punished by those habits. They make you do things you do not want to do, and leave you to suffer the consequences. You must drop bad habits and leave them behind you as you move forward. Every day should be a transition from old habits to better habits. Make a solemn resolution to keep only those habits that are for your highest good.

I saw this post from Divine Evolution. I was thinking about my bad habits and it seemed to speak to me. Another Divine Evolution post said:

The best way to get rid of your undesirable tendencies is not to think about them; do not acknowledge them. Never concede that a habit has a hold on you….You must develop “won’t” habits. And stay away from those things that stimulate bad habits.

Therefore I should not focus on bad habits, on my negatives. Focus on the practice, the work and the love, and let those things define me to myself and others.

Make the decision that you’ll no longer use excuses to keep you from what you know is in your best interest. Today, act on something you’ve always avoided and explained away with a convenient excuse. Make a phone call you’ve been putting off, write a letter to a friend, put on a pair of walking shoes and go for a stroll, clean out your closet–do something you’ve been justifying not doing with excuses.
Divine Evolution

Often my bad habits are excuses for not doing what is in my best interest.

A link from the Divine Evolution FB page led to an article by Swami Kriyananda that gave this advice on habit:

A strong affirmation of will can change old habits in a day—so my Guru once told me when I said I wanted to overcome a fault in myself. Indeed, strong affirmation can change those patterns with a single breath!

My running has become a key part of my Practice and I believe that it has changed what some would term my energy or vibration. I now need to deepen that Practice with regular and more intense meditation and yoga. If a door has been opened .. and if I believe it is the case then it is so .. then I must take advantage of it to explore spiritual practice.