Farm to Fridge

This deserves/needs to go viral. It took me a while to repost this to Facebook because it took me a while to watch this video all the way through and I didn’t want to repost it until I had done so. It is unpleasant and painful to watch. It focuses on the farm industry in America but I would expect that some of the same abuses happen in the UK. I do not eat ‘red meat’ and only eat free range poultry (rarely) and fish; I also consume milk and free range eggs often choosing the organic option. I have to question these choices. I am not against killing and eating animals but I am against cruelty. Death and the consumption of animals by other animals as part of the food chain is part of the natural order but the mechanisation of slaughter and the sustained torture of animals is not part of that order. Everything is connected, our acceptance of cruelty towards animals makes cruelty towards humans more acceptable, turning a blind eye to this suffering is contiguous with us turning a blind eye towards massive injustice and suffering in the human world. As we evolve individually and collectively to becoming more conscious we need to open our eyes to the reality and consequences of what we do and accept.