Fighting the Ghouls

I wrote on Facebook:

“Stuart Wilde died exactly one year ago. I liked his style of writing a lot even though some of the things he says are weird. I didn’t know that it was the anniversary of his death and wasn’t looking for this kind of article so it’s one of those synchronicity things. Anyway the advice is good and rather more profound than most of the stuff on Lifehack.”

Here are some Perception and Safety Ideas to Remember.
* One needs discipline to calm the mind or your darkness comes out and pulls in the ghouls. So don’t allow yourself to spin off on a tangent into some big upset that lasts hours and hours. That is not safe. And don’t fight with people, let them go. Agree to lose, it is safer. Be a Taoist; don’t confront, walk away, keep to your dignity at all times.
* Next, keep your life ordered and Zen-like in its cleanliness. This is a form of protection. The ghouls like clutter and dirt and confusion. And they are drawn to anyone of out control and stressed out.
* Then, stay away from anything degrading, violent films or degrading images and news on TV, and as said, stay away from pornography. This is the biggest ghoul-attracter as it comes out of the slaver’s mentality. You need clean celestial images in your mind to stay safe.
* Stay away from poisonous and dangerous places. Don’t put yourself at risk by hanging out with dodgy people that hurt your luminosity, and by going to degrading places.
*Use your feelings to decide things so the ghouls can’t pull you the wrong way by feeding your thinking mind with loads of misinformation.
* Stay calm, remember the adage: no fear no anger.
* Drink camomile even if you don’t like it. Drink lots of it, for it makes the ghouls sick.
* Use a drop of lavender on your crown chakra, third eye, throat and heart. Use that to anoint yourself. Do it every morning. Pray as you do it; be grateful.
* Use lavender in the bath and put a few drops of it on a towel when you dry yourself.
* Do the forgiveness prayer I taught people, whereby you go on your knees and beg forgiveness for your transgressions in the past. Do it for thirty days even if you have done it before. Blow love to the people you hurt and those that are trying to hurt you…
* Try to be a vegetarian if you are not one already. It helps greatly with your perception, as you become more alkaline.
* Remember the law of allowing: let everyone be whatever they want to be. Let them wake in their beds and believe whatever they want to believe. Don’t judge and don’t criticize; if you don’t like it, either bear it, or move on. By not entangling yourself you stay safer.
* Learn to suffer in silence. It is pointless moaning as it calls the ghouls to your pain. Look within when you are in pain. Accept your life as it comes, and then change the bits you can later on.
*Do a three-day fast from time to time if that’s medically appropriate for you. It makes you serene and celestial.
*Go to silence as a discipline, not talking for a day at a time heals you. Be brave. Walk along the bank of the Tao and trust in the power of that and your power and let that carry you forward with information and God’s inspiration.