I had gone to bed late and really did not feel like running this morning but I did. Once a habit or pattern, good or bad, has been established it takes on a life of its own and takes a deliberate effort to break; I think that has happened or is beginning to happen with my morning runs so it is easier to run than not to run.
I think that the running may be having some health benefits. I had been retaining water but seem to have flushed this out of my system, especially over the past 24 hours. I noticed that I weighed 3 lbs less that the same time yesterday, before my run.
The Daily Mile

The recognition that habits have a life of their own is not new; It’s obvious but it was brought home to me quite strongly by my running this morning. Another way of looking at habits is to see them as ‘sub-routines’ in our programming. From that perspective you could say that I need to identify the bad sub-routines in my programming and delete or re-write them and also write some good sub-routines.