Libya After Gadaffi

Interesting that we have heard little of what’s been happening in Libya lately.
Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey of suggests that the civil war in Libya is far from over:

The Libyan Liberation Front (LLF) is composed of elements of the Libyan Armed Forces loyal to the legitimate anti-terrorist Government of Libya (the Jamahiriya), the armed tribal forces and the volunteers who have taken up arms to protect their villages, towns and cities against the terrorists unleashed by NATO. Despite 9,000 murderous terrorist bombing raids by NATO’s missile diplomacy approach, these heroic forces have stood firm and have inflicted massive casualties on the terrorists, racists, murderers, looters, torturers, sexists, arsonists, rapists and thieves that NATO calls the “rebels”.

The Green Resistance recently liquidated the terrorist leader in Zlitan, Al-Berss Abuajaila; fighting was ongoing in Tripoli on Friday after prayers, in Green Square and Bab Al-Aziziya; Southern Misrata patriots are fighting against the terrorist traitors, North Misrata Brigades; LLF is active in Thawergah; LLF active in Tobruk, Zlitan, Gharyan and Sabha. Indeed, the LLF is active in all regions of Libya. The RATS know very well that without NATO’s skirts to hide behind, they would not win a single battle. A traitor is basically a coward, the RATS are both. (Full Article Here.)

See also this article:

And what about the situation on the ground? While the rats deny it, Tajoura, Tarhouna and Bani Walid are under Green (Jamahiriya) control, because the people want to live in the Jamahiriya system and do not want to be controlled by gangs of terrorists and their foreign masters who wish to siphon off Libya’s oil. Rat graffiti is being replaced with Green walls.

The rats are showing clear signs that they are about to start a massive firefight amongst themselves. Benghazi wants to be independent from Tripoli, Misratah wants to become independent from Tripoli, Derna wants to be independent from Tripoli, Misrata brigades are now speaking about attacking Tripoli.

Meanwhile southern Libya is Green (pro-Jamahiriya and anti-rats) and the population is resolute to rid the country of traitors, terrorists and criminals who sold out to NATO so that the FUKUS countries (France, UK and US) could steal the country’s sovereign funds and its massive resources.

Mr Bancroft-Hinchey’s acronym FUKUS (France, UK and US) is priceless but his articles are obviously very partisan so I looked for further, more authoritative, articles:

Libya 360

These articles confirm that there is a serious resistance based on a legacy that Gadaffi has built. This seems to be a battle between the old local order and the ‘New World Order’ that seeks to appropriate Libyan resources.