Yesterday I ran just over a mile without stopping. I had previously been completing the distance through a mixture of running and walking. I wrote on my Daily Mile log:

I wanted to let this morning go but I’m glad I didn’t. For the first time I ran the distance without stopping to walk. It wasn’t easy and I know that I have a long way to go but now that I’ve stopped sweating and the breath has returned I must admit that I feel quite elated.

This morning I ran again and decided to add something else to my practice:

My pace is slower this morning but I am satisfied with the run. Now that my body knows that it can handle a mile without stopping it doesn’t complain so much. There are a few more people about at 6:47 on a Saturday morning but I am more confident that I am starting to look like a runner. As I jog towards him a man gives me a friendly grin and says ‘work out brother’.
After a shower I sit in padmasana and do 10 rounds of nadi shodana and some japa meditation. It’s a short and very basic yoga/meditation. If one bad habit can open the door to others then I can use my new good habit in the same way. I will add this to my morning routine.