Moving On

Today is the last day of the Summer School programme for me. It has been essentially a five week return to full time work. I still have the admin work to do next week, contacting and guiding tutors with regards to the invoices they need to give me, returning registers to the Summer school, submitting my own invoice, doing my accounts for Netstorms and so on. In addition I have planned an after courses event at Little Ilford Centre for Saturday 25th, so I still have a lot of work to do, albeit unpaid, over the next two weeks. Nevertheless my time will be more flexible so I can pay some attention to tidying up at home and I can also move on as far as my running training is concerned.

For the past month I have been running about 2.2 miles at least three times each week. It has been good to have this constant discipline to hang on to even though I have neglected other areas such as my meditation. I have established the 2.2 miles as a distance that I can run without stopping but I need to step up my training if I am going to be ready for my 10 mile run on 28th October. I don’t want to do a loop so I will extend the area to what I call a ‘level 3’ distance of 3.3 miles:

The ‘level 3’ designation is a nod towards my mmorpg interests. I’ve been looking at a much longer, five and a half mile route, from East Ham Nature Reserve to Victoria Wharf via the Greenway and the Limehouse Cut. There and back will be eleven miles and so exceed my target distance by a mile. I’m sure that the first few times I try this I will be walking more than running.