National Debt

The news that the Swiss are juggling with the idea of granting everyone of their citizens a guaranteed £2800 a month income shows how different our culture is, it also emulates the past stories of how Iceland and other countries ousted the Rothschild-owned banks & IMF; allowing their people to take direct control over their prosperity, and ending the unnecessary culture of debt.
That’s what we plan to-do as a nation, when we get enough people behind the idea of a truly-democratic People’s Parliament.
We don’t aim to become another political party that falls into the damaged machine of Westminster; we aim to be the collective will of the entire nation, representing all walks of life, and not just one specific group.
Our first aim will be to pull all financial institutions in the country under FULL public ownership, and to reclaim the stolen finances of every taxpayer.
We will put an end to the culture & idea known as debt. Money has no real value, therefore debt is imaginary, and thus it holds no true power over us.
New ideas for prosperity will be encouraged, and will lead to structuring society based on a new paradigm where we support each other.
The idea of class will be erased as the population and the new People’s Parliament will become one and the same; the collective heart of the entire nation.
With the end of control over the economy, the global banks and corporations will no longer have the power nor influence to start wars, conduct genocide, nor create anymore famine etc.
Money will cease to be a controlling factor in the world.
Humanity will take preference, and will lead the nation (and eventually the world) into building a brighter and fairer future for all.!policies/c196a

The People’s Parliament is worth looking into but what drew me to this passage was the line about the ‘unnecessary culture of debt’. I’d heard on the radio last night something about how the UK is more in debt per head of population that any other country. I thought it sounds dire but was left wondering what it meant. Economics upsets me but I need to look into it if I am to converse about politics with any semblance of credibility. There’s a cool interactive graphic on the BBC News website.


This is worth comparing with the article on debt in the False Economy website. See also Economics Help. I want to look at these articles a bit more when I have time.