Never Let Me Go

Saw “Never Let Me Go” this evening. The word ‘haunting’ would be appropriate. Beautiful cinematography, fine acting, implausible but compelling narrative. Worth seeing.

The film is set in an alternative reality that is not, I think, meant to be plausible but is rather a backdrop for a poetic interplay of emotions. It is a story of cloned humans raised to be organ donors. A role that is, oddly, accepted without question.

I saw initially that world as implausible because its premise seems morally unsustainable in that no society could permit itself to live at the expense of a ‘donor’ caste. Then I remembered that our own societies support oppressive dictatorships and invade other countries to secure resources for us at the expense of the populations of those countries.

The film does not explain the mechanics of oppression involved in maintaining the donor caste. It focuses entirely on the tragedy of the individuals portrayed. To paraphrase a certain Dr McCoy: “It’s science fiction Jim, but not as we know it”.