Looking at my watch early this morning the analogue hands says, correctly, 5:30 but the digital readout says 9:45. The date has changed to Sunday 1st January and an alarm that is normally set for 9 pm reads 1:00 am. Odd. Maybe I should take it as an omen of some sort and reset my new year resolutions.

Leaving the house at a little before 6:00am. I go on my first run for summer and my fourth or fifth this year. I covered the 1.15 mile distance, running and walking, in a little over 14 minutes with a mile pace of 12:26. Despite my regular Tai Chi and Wing Chun and irregular Yoga I am overweight and out of condition. Only running makes me sweat so profusely and I must add it to my routine.

I am too tired to do very much and do little besides sitting in front of the computer.