On The Rebel Atrocities in Syria

This video is, as it warns, extremely graphic and violent. It shows members of the rebel forces executing people by throwing them off buildings, by beheading and by shooting. It shows small children being indoctrinated into an ideology of terrorism. It argues that the rebels are persecuting minorities in Syria and using rape as a weapon.

Everything I have read and seen on alternative media or non-western media sources convinces me that the rebels are worse than the Syrian government and its army, yet the US/UK mainstream media and politicians continue to push the line that while elements in the rebel forces have committed atrocities the government forces have done far worse. This is a dangerous lie and an increasingly obvious one and it is for this reason that I’m sharing this graphic and emotive video.

While I cannot endorse the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army, I am suspicious of any propaganda against them and their President Assad. And whatever the merits or otherwise of the government forces the fact that they are fighting against the brutal rebels means that attacks against them such as the illegal and unprovoked strikes by Israel support the rebels in their atrocities. There is a lot of evidence that the West and their regional allies are facilitating the rebels and are therefore at least indirectly responsible for these atrocities.