This Facebook post prompted some thoughts on my own religious orientation:

Is pantheism really all that different from atheism?, it seems to me all the pantheist is really doing is to say that the universe is “God”, but as far as I can tell, this doesn’t mean the pantheist believes the universe is a person, or anything of the sort.

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Pantheism is the only logically consistent way in which God can be omniscient and omnipresent. If you are present everywhere and aware of everything you are necessarily everything. Pantheism differs from Atheism insofar as Pantheists understand that consciousness is as fundamental to constitution of the universe as matter, energy, space and time. Universal Consciousness cannot be said to be personal without contradiction but that does not mean that we cannot have a personal relationship with It or that it is not responsive to us. Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism are essentially pantheist believing essentially in transcendent and immanent divinity (Brahman and Atman in Hinduism). Christian and Islamic mysticism are also affectively pantheist.

There were some other interesting responses among these was a link to a classic Asimov short story:

I haven’t listened to all of this yet – though I read it decades ago.

Also someone posted a link to an interesting blog Ownerless Mind.