911 Conspiracy

The Wikipedia entry for Alan Sabrosky says:

Sabrosky has not brought any new evidence or idea, but rather lent his credentials, both of being Jewish himself, and of being a Professor and former Vietnam marine veteran, to the conspiracy theorists.

The point is that he has ‘lent his credentials’ as a credible person who finds the evidence for a government conspiracy credible and is able to articulate why he finds the evidence credible. Sabrosky’s particular angle on 9/11 is that Israeli elements were involved and that they were working hand in hand with a US establishment that they control.

Discussing the 9/11 conspiracy theories Noam Chomsky speaks disparagingly about people who have no real knowledge of science who spout theories about the collapse of Building 7 etc and who have various ‘factoids’ that don’t really hang together.

Chomsky says nothing however that refutes these ‘factoids’ or the theories that they support, instead he notes that the theorists are generally people who have not been politically active and that people who accept the theory that their government consists of evil criminals are doing nothing about it and seem to believe that they can do nothing about it. Chomsky is therefore saying that the conspiracy theories constitute a myth and a disempowering one at that.

Chomsky would agree that the US and UK governments ‘conspired’, that is, deliberately lied in order to perpetrate the invasion of Iraq which killed many more people than were killed in 9/11. If this is true then they are evil criminals.

What Chomsky misses is that the conspiracy theories exist because the official account, blaming it all on Osama bin Laden, is not credible. This video succinctly details the absurdities in that story:

Dr Mahathir Mohamed, a former Prime Minister of Malaysia, expands on some of these absurdities in his speech opening the “9/11 Revisted: Seeking the Truth” conference in Kuala Lumpur on November 19, 2012: