The poem in the video from this Scriptonite “Open Letter to the PM” says:

They sold off all our railways, and they gave away our trains

It made some folks a lot of cash, but we just felt the pains

They sold off schools and hospitals, now police stations too

Things once owned by all of us, now owned by the likes of you

Who should own/control the services and resources that are necessary for supporting society? Services and resources for the provision of health, energy, transport, food, water, communication, shelter? The options are ownership/control by private corporations, the government, community or some mixture of the three.

Government in a democracy is supposed to represent the will and interest of the community of citizens but the case can be made that government in the UK (by all three main parties) represents the interests of private corporations rather than those of the community. If we think that there is a collusion between government and big corporations then we must see privatisation as theft. This article from alerts us to a government intention to privatise the National Health Service:

Trade talks quietly taking place between the US and the EU could see England’s NHS tied into a privatised model semi-permanently. Yet this deeply concerning backdrop to the Coalition’s deplorable NHS privatisation has received scant media attention. People must act.
When we say that the NHS is being denationalised and privatised, it means several things are happening. At the top, the Health Secretary no longer has a legal duty to provide a universal healthcare system. Regionally, there will be Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), which will have to offer contracts to any willing provider, namely private companies. And every hospital trust will need to attain Foundation Trust status, making it an independent organisation responsible for its own financial wellbeing[1].

The article says ‘people must act’ but ‘people’ are not well informed and are not organised so we are being defrauded.