Questions, Quotes and Qualities

The pic is from I’m posting it for two reasons; the first is to answer it myself and the second is to remind me to use the idea of questions, quotes and qualities illustrated by photos as part of the summer school projects this year.

Oh. To answer the question. I can’t identify a single thing I can do now that I couldn’t do last year. This means I haven’t developed, learned. This year has been a year of stagnation or false starts. There is a certain frustration .. and yet .. and yet there is also a sense of coming to terms with where I am, with my own strengths and weaknesses.

A warrior takes his lot, whatever it may be, and accepts it in ultimate humbleness. He accepts in humbleness what he is, not as grounds for regret but as a living challenge. ~ Castaneda.

My weaknesses are real. Some I am very aware of, others not so much. These weaknesses stand in the way of my progress like an army, each one supporting the others. My challenge is to eliminate them all.