Website Notes


These are some notes on websites that may be pertinent to my interests. I’m pasting addresses here as I browse .. with descriptions of some of the websites:

I heard a comment about the mesh net on a radio programme. Sounds interesting.

Accidental Chinese Hipsters is a good example of a blog dedicated to one theme. It gives a quirky insight into China.

Dangerous creation doesn’t have a clear theme though it has some focus on the doings of the American Empire.

Radical Pro Feminist looks at issues from a feminist perspective. Interesting because we need that angle.

New Dream defines its purpose as redefining the ‘American Dream’:

New Dream’s Redefining the Dream program seeks to re-imagine the American dream with a focus on more of what really matters: creating a meaningful life, contributing to community and society, valuing nature, and spending time with family and friends

It’s quite an attractive blog or community site that perhaps stands in interesting contrast to Prison Planet.

Imprology is a site about an organisation that provides improvisation training in London. Looks good.


mojoPortal may be pertinent to webdesign.

Pertinent to Computer Maintenance gives instructions on creating a system image using Windows 7.

Flow is a Wikipedia article possibly pertinent to personal development.

Pertinent to Health: