Stoning Campaign

Last week a woman representing Amnesty International phoned to ask me to support their campaign against stoning women in Iran by raising my monthly contribution. I told her that after 25 years of supporting Amnesty I was considering not doing so any longer. I asked her if she was aware that Amnesty had helped spread the false propaganda that the Gaddafi government was using mercenaries against their people and that as a result of the intervention black people in Libya were being tortured and murdered. She apparently hadn’t been aware of this. I asked why the campaign was being run at this time when pressure was being put on Iran over their nuclear programme and why were stonings in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere not being highlighted too. She said that she would really like to continue talking to me but had to move on.

I was reminded about this conversation by this article in the Daily Mail Online: Remember that it was NATO that put the current Iraqi regime in power.