Stuart Wilde Dies

Stuart Wilde died on 1st May at the age of sixty-six. While I only knew him through his books, articles and audio recordings a lot of what he said resonated with me, what I mean is that his talks and articles often seemed to speak directly to where I was. Maybe Wilde was saying fundamental things that resonate with all of us or maybe it was the way that he expressed idealism in ‘mythopoetic’ language that appealed to me. Wilde gave a lot of very sensible down to earth advice:

A lot of his work is worth reading, rereading and reflecting upon and I’m going to do this. Some of what he said sounds crazy or ‘off the wall’:

Maybe the drugs he took distorted his perception, maybe he was fantasying, maybe he was seeing through to truths beyond normal perception; I’m not in a position to make a judgement about this. The advice I would give anyone coming to Wilde is that they should use whatever resonates with and seems useful to their own path and politely ignore the rest. Actually I would give the same advice about all teachers and teachings.