Mick Dodge


Mick Dodge is an exceptional person who followed his own path right out of civilisation and into the wilderness. Someone posted about Dodge on Facebook and I read more about him on the Zen Gardner blog. I commented that he is a real life Tom Bombadil.

Dodge is inspirational even though I could never follow his example nor would want to. He chose a life of what I would call extreme hardness and became a kind of nature mystic. The details of that life, eating grubs and road kill are not attractive to me. Evading the poisonous aspects of our social reality is, however, ever more attractive. What we can learn from Dodge is that it is possible to break the pattern and step into a different reality. He also reminds us to be close to the body and to nature and to work in harmony with them. It’s in the attitude. Don’t mind the discomfort, dirt and danger; live with them, work with them, get out there and be more alive.