Mugabe – An African Hero?

This video proposes that although Mugabe is a dictator he has been uniquely successful at taking down white rule in his country and while it is common to blame his policies for the dire state of the Zimbabwe economy much of this has been caused by UK/US sanctions initiated under Bush.

President Robert Mugabe is the greatest black statesman alive today in Africa. Greatness here must be evaluated on the criteria of whether the person who claims the position of leadership of his or her people against colonialism, apartheid and white rule has been able to guide the nation to greater liberation, dignity and independence.
If we judged only on these criteria, not on the whims of popularity gained from affability and praise by Europe and the US, then Mugabe stands head and shoulders above the rest.
Therefore, his comments on Nelson Mandela’s legacy need to be taken seriously. Today it can be said with a measure of confidence that Zimbabwe is the only liberated black nation in sub-Saharan Africa. This liberation has been archived through a long and ongoing battle, with lots of mistakes on the way. Mugabe has been able to maintain strategic inflexibility with brilliant tactical manoeuvres.

This description seems pretty outrageous given the UK media’s portrayal of Robert Mugabe as the ‘Black Hitler’ however if the arguments in the article are correct Mugabe deserves the recognition it gives him as Africa’s most successful freedom fighter. At 90, and three years older than Castro, he is undoubtedly the world’s most enduring leader. The article compares Mugabe’s strategy with Mandela’s suggesting that Mandala’s conciliatory strategy left the white coropratocracy in economic control.